The company was initially founded in 2004 as LT Investment AG and issued two zerobonds to institutional investors. The proceeds were invested into a premium finance program. Subsequently the name and the legal form of the company were changed to today’s ILMG Management GmbH.

In 2009/2010 ILMG Management structured and got regulatory approval for a Luxemburg SICAV vehicle suitable for German institional investors whishing to invest into life settlements who have to adhere to the German regulatory regime for pension funds and insurance companies. Due to market conditions the fund was not launched and unwound.

In 2010/2011 different subsidiaries and affiliated companies of ILMG Management became the general partners of the German Life Trust Funds, which were aimed at retail clients and high net worth individuals and which had been launched at different times since 2005.

In Summer 2011 Franz-Philippe Przybyl took over 100% of the ownership of ILMG Management.

Since 2011 ILMG Management has served as investment advisor to eight different life settlement funds of the Life Trust product line. This included several debt financing deals with a total volume of more than 30 million US-Dollars and a major restructuring resulting in substantial 7-digit cost savings for the funds.


fppFranz-Philippe Przybyl is the owner and CEO of ILMG Management GmbH. He has an educational background in European Business Administration with degrees from Germany and the UK from the renowned International Partnership of Business Schools in Reutlingen. He has lived and worked in different countries (Germany, UK, USA, Gabon, Hong Kong) on four continents.

During his professional career he accompanied more than 80 public and private capital market transactions for both retail and institutional clients. In total he handled more than 40.000 retail investors. He held management and C-level positions in subsidiaries of multinational corporations as well as of German banks. He was the founder and partner of a German-American investment house prior to taking over ILMG Management GmbH.

His experience in the insurance-linked longevity space has started as early as 2003. It includes life settlements as well as premium financing. He raised almost 800 million USD of debt and equity capital in the life settlement space. He structured and developed different funds and investment products both as public and private vehicles in multiple jurisdictions. Franz-Philippe Przybyl developed different valuation and risk management models for life settlements.

He was the spokesperson of the US-section of the German association of BVZL as well as chairman of the customer advisory board of 21st Services for several years. He is a member of German Mensa.